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Les personnages peuvent lancer autant de dés de carrière qu'ils ont de VITA

Les dés de carrière sont des tests d'attribut qui dépendent de la carrière

Soldat = PHYS

Scientifique = TECH

Corpo = MENT

Les Paria roulent sur leur propre table

En cas de réussite, ils obtiennent une promotion (rang+)

promotion = + attribut ou + équipement

En cas d'échec, regarder la table de carrière correspondant

Les dés de carrière deviennent de plus en plus difficile (attribut - rang)

oh the failure events are neat, are they keyed to the actual dice rolls for the tests?

You can change dying to some sort of disaster instead. Then you can have minor events for failing promotions. Give them an additional die for each career turn, so that it becomes a push your luck game? You can definitely get a boost from term 1, but in term 4 you are risking getting fired or something.

Yeah, so the longer you stay in a career, the more likely some disaster pushes you out, as opposed to you deciding to leave. It serves as adventure fuel. Your high-level executive is adventuring because they got backstabbed by a rival during a reorganisation after 14 years with the company. While the army gal who just did a single term decided that they wanted to go and try something else and is adventuring by choice, not necessity.

Plus on descends, plus les évènements deviennent énervés

En cas de promotion, tirez sur l'attribut de votre choix. si vous faites + l'attribut augmente, si vous faites - regardez la table des bénéfices - plus on monte mieux c'est